WHAT IS NOIR? w/Peter Labuza

What is film noir? The term “film noir” conjures specific images: of dangerous men and femme fatales, of lost souls in darkened streets, or violence in its most gruesome moments. We might think of it as a genre cemented in Hollywood’s past, or as something visual that seeps into all modern day movies. But there’s more to noir than simply a style. Some of our favorite films don’t even resemble film noir. And it’s more than a genre as well.



"The only times I’m self-conscious are-when I’m Jean Arthur. In front of the camera I lose my identity completely, and with it I lose my timidity. As a character in a play I feel as if I can be what people expect. As Jean Arthur, I never feel as if I know what people expect."

Happy birthday Gladys Georgianna Greene aka Jean Arthur!! (October 17, 1900 - June 19, 1991)